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Volvo VIDA 2015A Download + Install + Car List

Volvo VIDA 2015A download: (100% tested)


(fyi, it’s your own risk to try any free sources on the web)
Volvo VIDA 2015A Windows 7 install:

volvo dice 2015a installation tips:

1. require a laptop made after the year 2012 with core i5+ and cpu 4gb+

2.require the browser IE 11

3. require the disk C with more than 60gb available to install sw

4. must copy sw from the cd to the local disk in the laptop

(might fail to install vida if users run sw from the disk)

5. must insert the usb key when running files for installation

Volvo Dice VIDA 2015A vehicle list:

VIDA 2015A covers models to the year 2015 or 2016, and even 2019 (only a few)

XC90(-16) 2003-2016

XC70(08-) 2008-2016

XC60(-16) 2009-2016

V70XC(01-)/XC70(-07)  2001-2007

V70XC(-00) 1999-2000

V70(08-) 2008-2016

V70(00-08) 2000-2008

V70(-00) 1999-2000

V60 2011-2016

V50 2004-2012

V40 CROSS COUNTRY 2013-2016

V40(13-) 2013-2016

V40(-04) 1999-2004

S80L 2008-2016

S80(07-) 2007-2016

S80(-06) 1999-2006

S70 1999-2000

S60L 2014-2016

S60(-16) 2011-2016

S60(-09) 2001-2009

S40(04-)  2004-2012

S40(-04) 1999-2004

C70 COUPE(-02) 1999-2002

C70 CONV(-05) 1999-2005

C70(06-) 2006-2013

C30 2007-2013

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VOLVO VIDA DICE 2014D Error “VIDA NOT OK” Solution

Volvo Vida Dice during installation I get this sign that "VIDA NOT OK" , so it feels that the installation process ends there and doesn´t install the software.

The solution:

With lots of help from eobdtool.co.uk engineer, I've actually managed to get my VIDA working!

1. To do this I went into Windows START button/ programs/ Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2/ Configuration Tools/ SQL Configuration Manager...(left click on it to open)

In the left hand pane left click on 'SQL Server Services'.
In the right hand pane you need to make sure that 'SQL server (SQLEXPRESS)' and 'SQL Server (VIDA)' are both set to 'automatic'.

2. Reboot.
3. Go back into 'Add/remove programmes' and uninstall VIDA only! Do not uninstall anything else. Its about 1.5GB from memory.

4. You must go into 'My computer', Local disc (C:\), and delete the folder named VIDA.
Open 'program files' folder and delete the two folders 'Volvo' and 'Volvo cars'.

6. Reboot.

7. Reinstall VIDA 2014Dusing the normal 'all in one' option. (Be patient), mine took 45 minutes.

8. You should get the VCC Intranet / VCC Internet /Internet options come up. Select Internet and then let it carry on installing.

9. Reboot and then install the 'crack' without changes the field.
Its a dos programme so you will just see a couple of DOS windows open and close.

I did all of the above in that order and it worked for me after over 8 months of pissing about trying to get this sodding software working.
Now I only hope my DICE unitstill works!

All of the above was done after a unsuccessful installation with the 'VIDA NOT OK' message after installing.

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How to Deal With Volvo VIDA Dice 2014D Login Failure

This post gives a solution about how to solve Volvo VIDA Dice 2014D fail to login.

Here solution:
Firstly, download VIDA2014D_patch_
(Only works with 2014D version, not 2014A)

Install it

Again Volvo VIDA Dice 2014D work great.


Use Volvo Vida Dice to Reset Volvo Climate Control Module Problem

Here share a case about Vida Dice solve Volvo A/C control module problem.

Situation: A/C - Vent Temperature Cycles From Hot to Cold

NO: 87-54
DATE: 11-30-2005
MODEL: S60, S80, V70, XC70, XC90
MY: MY05 MY06
SUBJECT: Temperature Coming Out of the Climate Vents may Start to Cycle from Max Hot Back to Full Cold When Max Hot is Requested.
This Tech-net note supersedes the previous 87-54 dated 11-02-2005. Please update your files.
If the temperature knobs are turned to max hot, the temperature coming out of the climate vents may start to cycle from max hot back to full cold with a period of 4-15 seconds. No Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are stored.
The number of steps on a temperature Damper Motor Module (DMM) may have increased from factory settings, causing the affected DMM to set a "not calibrated" flag to the Climate Control Module (CCM). This causes the climate system to self-calibrate over and over again resulting in the cycling temperature from the vents.

The above mentioned symptom could be solved by a recalibration of the CCM.
For affected vehicles that are still in retailer stock, upgrade the cars during CPS or prior to customer delivery following the service method in VIDA:
1. Erase CCM DTCs.
2. Perform calibration of the CCM as follows:
- Select the "Diagnostics" tab followed by the "Vehicle communication" tab.
- Click the CCM box.
- Select the "Advanced" tab.
- Click "Checking LIN bus".
- Click "No" if no Damper Motor Module (DMM) has been replaced.
- Read and follow the instructions (to the right) carefully and click the VCT2000 symbol.
- Click the "Start" button (left on screen tool).
- Wait until status "Completed" is shown on the screen tool.
- Regardless of DTCs or no DTCs it is now OK to click the "Hide" button to continue.
- Click the "Continue" button to proceed.

3. Perform functional check of the climate system as follows:
- Start engine.
- Turn FAN speed to MAX.
- Select DEMIST and check airflow to windscreen.
- Select FLOOR and check airflow to floor.
- Select VENT and check airflow to dashboard vents.
- Turn to MAX COLD and check cold air from dashboard vents left and right.
- Turn to MAX HOT and check hot air from dashboard vents left and right.
- Turn temperature and fan speed controls to midrange.
- Select Recirculation and check difference in airflow noise in climate system.
- Switch off Recirculation and check difference in airflow noise in climate system.

4. Use VIDA to read CCM DTCs.
5. If CCM DTCs are present repeat step 1 to 4. If CCM DTCs are persistent after the third attempt, perform fault tracing according to VIDA.


Warranty Claim Information
Credits to @vfgilber on volvoforums.com

Working Volvo Vida Dice 2014D for sale


3 mins to reset Volvo S60 Regular Maintenance by Vida Dice

Problem solved as title: Reset Volvo S60 Regular Maintenance message, reset time for Regular Maintenance Volvo S60.
Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to easily reset Regular Maintenance Service Reminder Message on a Volvo S60 2006?
Step 1: Connect Volvo Vida Dice or Super Vida Dice Pro with car and open Vida Dice 2014d software.
Go to VEHICLE PROFILE tab and click READ VEHICLE button. It will read out car VIN and chassis.
Then choose Partner Group: AME (According to your region)
It will show full car information as below:

You can see all car control modules, choose DIM (Driver Information Module).
Click the Advanced tab and choose "Resetting the service reminder indicator (SRI)".

Step 3: Turn ignition on and click the VCT2000 symbol.
You will see "DIM Reset SRLdata", click the "Reset" button and soon the operation finished!
In this way, you can use Volvo VidaDice 2014D or VolvoVida Dice Pro to reset Regular Maintenance light Volvo S60 successfully!

Volvo Vida Dice or Super Vida Dice Pro all support Multi language Win7 and Volvo car from 1999-2015.
If you need Volvo diagnostic tool for new Volvo car after 2015, check VBOX VOLVO XC90 Diagnostic Tool.

Volvo VIDA 2014D Windows 10Win 7 Win 8.1 Win XP Mac, 100% possible? How to install

Volvo VIDA Dice 2014D user manual: how to setup Volvo VIDA 2014D on Windows 10, Windows 10 PRO, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP operation systems and how to install VIDA 2014D on a Macbook (pro).

Win10 with Vida2014D and DiCE is now working. And I have connected to a separate ME9 and read some data from it.

Windows 10 is causing tons of compatibility issues across the board. You may have to VM until updates.

I have been using 2014D VIDA on my win10 tablet for few months and it even works via integrated Bluetooth!!!
How to install VIDA 2014D Windows 10:
The Surface Pro with W10 is able to run VIDA; for the money, i felt like it was worth the risk of trying it and getting the better hardware...

Note to Self: create a folder, called and placed in "C:\VIDA\patch" . Then extract and copy patch contents, rewrite batch file to:

@echo off
set lic='C:\VIDA\patch\license'
set sqlf=C:\VIDA\patch\q.sql
set fdb=C:\VIDA\patch\filldb.sql

echo declare @lic nvarchar(50) set @lic=%lic% > %sqlf%
type %fdb% >> %sqlf%

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\OSQL.EXE" -S localhost\Vida -U sa -P GunnarS3g3 -i %sqlf% > nul
del %sqlf%

ren C:\VIDA\WslLogin.exe WslLogin.exe.bak 2> nul
ren C:\VIDA\ClientLogger.exe ClientLogger.exe.bak 2> nul

I had it working with Windows 8.1 until an unknown update broke connectivity to DICE and no amount of system restore would bring it back. I guess 2014D works ok, but be aware an update may blow it up in the future.

DiCE was working with Vida2014B and Windows 8.1, but stopped working when I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday.

Need to uninstall the IE existed on the system, (probably IE9) first, then it should be able to install Win 8.

win8& ie10 sure don't play well with anything, can't downgrade in win8 either, that's what that compatibility mode is for.

I just went back to a Win7 machine running IE9 and I'm very careful with the updates. 2014D is supposed to work with IE10 but it didn't when I tried it.

While it says it works with ALL versions of Windows...it doesn't actually.
However, it does have a GREAT setup instruction PDF that truly made setting up aVM super easy using Win7 Pro. Which then made setting up VIDA a breeze. I have it up and running and I even managed to connect to my older DICE unit.

I’'m on 2014d and W7 pro

I'm lucky in that I had an old laptop lying around that I could use solely for VIDA / DICE. Once I finally got it working (Win Pro 7 32 Bit, .Net 3.5), I turned off windows update, so that its configuration wouldn't change. I assume that as long as I don't change my car for a newer one, there is no benefit to an upgraded VIDA version (I'm on 2014D), or any further windows updates.

I used 32bit Win7 Ultimate. It all works now.
My only issue is my car battery running out being left on pos II for a length of time!

it must be Win 7 Pro ( or ultimate).

It won't work on 7 Home

Vida 2014d will work fine with a fully updated Windows 7 Pro

On any 32-bit Windows machine, RAM in excess of 3 GB will be unrecognized by the OS

I have VIDA 2010D on Windows 7 Home Premium.

IE 8 and install on Win7.

VADIS on Win7 x64 with IE8 works like a charm

I run VIDA 2010D on Windows 7 professional 32-bit with Chrome Version 23.0.1271.97 - No problems

I've happily be using VIDA on my old Win XP laptop for a few years

I have an old laptop (currently with Vista) and an old ASUS notebook running XP SP3.

VIDA 2012, 2013A or D version software should be installed on Win XP or Virtual machine. But 2014A and new 2014D requires Win 7 O/S ONLY. that's a huge development for VIDA DiCE kit. Leave alone WIN xp or VirtualBox

I also run my VIDA in a XP virtual machine. No issues with mouse or USB, if you are familiar with VMware.

I run mine on a Mac using WinXP + VirtualBox VM without any problems. But UI is a little clunkier with a VM.

I have an old WinXP Dell that I use exclusively as a VIDA/DiCE box and I use VMWare Fusion/Win7 VM on a Mac for a VIDA reference source.

I have XPpro on my Macbook Pro in VirtualBox and that is working fine.

Have a walk through for the Virtual Box
Here i would describe details of the system, HD size, Ram amount, processor type, you'll need to be running in XP virtual nachine, provided you have the size described above plus IE8, you may want to disable your firewall and antivirus during installation. at least 2GB of ram, more than 20GB hard disk, preferably 40GB + , I don't remember the processor type but mine is pentium 4 quore duo works ok, IE8 when you have those, your installation will be okay.

VM Ware player is compatible with Win XP, Vista 32 & 64 bit as well as Win7 32 & 64 bit
I have it running on my main PC and it works!

*****Volvo VIDA 2014D system requirement*****

Volvo Vida 2014d crack is verified to work 100% no issues on Windows 7 32bit, tested by professionals:

Using Vida 2014d on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac needs luck!


Volvo Vida Dice error tskill.exe is not recognized (Solved)

When install Super Volvo Vida Dice Pro+ 2014 patch, some users may get an error message says that “tskill.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command or operable program or batch file”. When click “Vida all” icon the interface will turn to a blank page. Soon there is another new prompt “The comment below contains SFX script commands” (see following picture) 

Reasons Checking and Solution:
  1. Before install Vida 2014 patch you can check whether you finish all pre-install steps or not.
You may find this useful Volvo VIDA Dice 2014D software installation video at http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/volvo-vida-dice-diagnostic-tool.html
  1. Vida 2014 patch software must be installed at [C disk], so you can do two things: 1. Check if this software is match to your laptop OS; 2. Check if the software is installed at [C disk].
  1. Your computer might be not compatible with this software. So if you could not install it successfully, we suggest you to download our Win 7 to install: http://www.chinaautodiag.com/html/win7-32bit-free-download-19514.html
Vida DICE 2014D OS:  Windows 7 32Bit
Computer Configuration Requirement:
1). Internet Explorer 8
2). Over 2GRAM
3). C:// must have 40GB space
4). Software must install on C://
5). Must be NTFS format